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ToddleTug review

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Reviews | 1 comment

ToddleTug review

As a Mum of a 4 year old and an 18 month old I could ideally use an extra set of hands. Failing that, I have found a ToddleTug to be the nearest best thing when it comes to outings. Before getting our ToddleTug my eldest had a terrible habit of holding onto, and pulling back, my pushchair as I tried to push it. Affecting the steering and making my pushchair feel much heavier. When she wasn’t doing this, she would be holding my hand and I would be left to push one handed. This wasn’t such an issue until her little sister started to walk for short distances also, then I faced a real problem as they BOTH wished to hold my hands and manoeuvring the pushchair with my teeth really wasn’t a viable option.
Since we have been using the ToddleTug this is no longer a problem for me. My 4 year old finds that it gives her a little more freedom, we are less likely to stand on one anothers toes, and she can see her little sister and talk to her whilst we are walking. I find the toddle tug most valuable when both of them choose to walk and I am contemplating a second for these occasions. At only a few pound each, I really think that these are an amazing buy. Ours has so far saved me a lot of headaches (and backache for that matter).

The ToddleTug is easily attached to the pushchair, and on my model which has a long unbroken handle it slides up and down easily without the need to remove it making it easy to position it where required depending on which of my daughters is using it.
A fab product. I would 100% recommend buying one.

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  1. Nick howells

    What a fabulous idea!! I’ve just bought a toddler tug to attach to one of my crutches for my 4year old to hold onto,rather than him trying to hold my finger as I’m trying to walk along!!

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