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TeddyTug review from Emmy’s Mummy

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TeddyTug review from Emmy’s Mummy

Tears, tantrums and lost Teddies

Been there, done that and got the T-shirt as have many parents I’m pretty sure!

Emmy had a favourite cuddly when she was younger a Dumbo comforter from the Disney store, and I’m sure you can guess what happened can’t you?  Of course, she lost it…we have no idea when or where but one minute it was there and the next it wasn’t, only we didn’t notice until we got home.

We searched the car, Nanny’s house and the places we could think of in between but it was lost and gone forever.  She got over it eventually however we are adement that won’t happen again.

Harry doesn’t yet have a favourite but I’m sure he will when he is a little older and we are ready this time.

We have been sent a Teddy Tug by a company called Buggy Tug.

The Teddy Tug is a long strap which attaches to your pushchair or car seat and a favourite teddy can be attached to the other end, secured in place with velco.  The idea is that your teddy should now be safe and can’t be dropped onto the ground and lost.

Teddy Tug logo

The strap is a purple long piece of strong stretchy neoprene which has a metal ring onto one end, you thread one end through the ring and pull securely to close tightly around the buggy frame, bumper bar, straps or could even be attached to large coat buttonholes is wanted.  You secure your favourite teddy by velcroing tightly aroung his arm, leg or if your feeling mean neck (that seems cruel to me), however you secure him/her is up to you.

Teddy Tug, toy saver for buggys,, teddy tug review
Phew, that was close

As you can see – we manage a whole walk without loosing Billy Bear, Harry hasn’t got the hang of holding without dropping yet so this did help.

I like the idea, it’s simple but it works although I do think it could be a little longer as it doesn’t leave enough cord to play with the teddy easily – Harry likes to gum on his teddy however he struggles to get it to his mouth as the strap is too short.

Priced at £3.99 you can’t really go wrong though and it works, we returned home with his teddy, clean and unharmed.  Also available are the Toddle Tug and the Buggy Tug.

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